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Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Our wonderful abode during the marriage :)

We had wonderful time in Hyatt KK for the three nights that we were preparing for my sisters wedding and i can't thank my sister enough for the treat :)

The view from our room and our room :)

And this particular fleur is a special one from my maman in Beauvoir who send this muguet fleur along with my husband just so that i can smell the fleur because at that time it was blooming in Beauvoir and she didnt want me to miss the chance so they packed it up in acut up plastic bottle and put some wet cotton at the end of the fleur stems and voilà! It was the best suprise ever for me and so romantic too to be presented with a fleur like that :) and my mom in KK ws so facinated by the scent of the fleur and so she took a few branches back home only to last 2 days with its full perfumery scents and then nothing.....merci beaucoup maman pour le suprise cadeaux de petit fleur muguet :)

ahhh..finally he gets his mee soup hehehehhe :) look at the content smile :)

And our entertainers at the hotel :) Didi, Bubu and Fizi! dont be deceive by the cute smile from bubu :) because he is BuBu Ray!!! :))

big bisous pour tout le monde!

À bientôt

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