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Thursday, 9 September 2010

Dinawan Island revisted :)

Ah...finally a real vacation with my DH after a month long separation. It's time to reinstall and regenerate new energy and and relaxed our body and mind. Oh and yes of course not forgetting our wonderful friend Philippe too :) This is our 2nd time around to this island of Dinawan which is like 30 minutes away from my home and in fact i can see where my parents home is from this island. Last year we came here as a group of DH family that came for our wedding  from France so this island is a very special island to us coz it holds a lot of beautiful memories here and it continues to bring wonderful memories and we sure will have more memories next year when we visit again. We would like to make Dinawan Island as our yearly island getaway location :)

And thanks to Philippe our dear friend from France for his wonderful pictures :) Although we have three cameras between me and DH but somehow our hands are on vacation too so they were busy having wonderful deserving rest instead of snapping away. So thanks to Philippe we have some of these beautiful pictures of our island :)

The Jetty as well as the place where all those colourful fishies are :)

This is around the other side of the other side of the island where it is more romantic and calm but the last time we came in july last year the there were indeed big waves then. I did went for a round of swimming in the morning and it was crystal clear!

And look at what we saw perching its feather on the tree? A black and white hornbill bird. There were a few of them around the island and making a racket too. I took Philippe's camera and snap a few pictures of these birds :)

Just in front of our bungalow, i went for a dip while DH was having a nap and here you can see his baru bagun face hehehhe :)

bisous mon coeur :)

Our huge bungalow decorated in purple satin  tissues is just so romantic and nice :)

Ah...the pleasures of having a SPA in the island, this was my secong time at it coz last year my SIL treated me to the same SPA in this island and i was happy to see same face again had a wonderful time doing the foot and body massage although DH didnt quite enjoy the body massage he finds it tres dur! hahahah and as for Philippe, he chicken out and just took photos of us and the place and finally later that afternoon we managed to persuade him to try it out and he dissapeared in the massage room and came out relaxed and refreshed :) 
told you you would love it :)

Then the rest of the  3 days 2 nights we were there we just spend it snorkelling, swimming and watching people and just admiring and appreciating the view.

Below are some of the pictures i managed to take with my underwater camera until it broke  :(
so , enjoy what pictures i have of the cute fishies :)

they are just everywhere this fishies! i think we called them ikan kitang no?

from the wooden stairs at the Jetty

when swimming a little bit further down the bottom of the jetty where usually the fishies are

Its dark coz its quite deeper in this part

and about this time.. something is wrong with the camera so i surfaced

and the final breath from my olympus camera...blek!

Hope you guys enjoyed the scenes.
Big Bisous!

À bientôt

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