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Monday, 6 October 2008

2nd Trip to Batu Caves with our guests from Paris :)

Our 2nd Trip to Batu Caves brings us two more guests and that is Philippe & Ma l. Since Batu Caves is just close to where we are we decided to head up there just for kicks. The weather was nice too warm sunny day the only thing thats missing is a warm smile from their friend krish @ batu caves as he was not available to meet up with Philippe as he was out stationed. Anyhow, hope to do catch up with him in the near future indeed.

The entrance to Batu Caves and some pics of us taken from inside the car.

Mal, me, Philippe & Raymond

the 272 steps to the va voom!

the entrance to the cave

some pics of us inside the cave where theres a small temple is located for rituals to bless a newborn child and other types of rituals for the Hindu

Raymond having a go with the thingy jutting down from the cave ceilling....

The view looking down from the where we are at the entrance of the cave

And the local residence of the cave ..which scared the %#@* out of me for they can become agressive when they see you with food so their behaviour is so unpredictable and to anyone coming to Batu Caves with attention to feed them monkeys please dont! they can get very agressive and especially if you are with a child going up the caves and meeting a bunch of monkeys on ur way up especially if you have food in your hand is not advisable as they get agressive once you are done feeding them as they think you still have food. so beware and be carefulwith these animals.

All in all it was a lovely day at batu caves and yes we will come again as its a nice place to bring guests for a visit. Facinating indeed!

Batu Caves Encore!
C & R

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