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Monday, 6 October 2008

Chill out time with my cousin Hannie :)

A few sundays back, mon coeur and myself decided to visit the butterfly Park and so we decided to drop by my aunt's place to pick up her 11 year old daughter to accompany us to the park. As Usual, paying for the tickets is just so funny because there it says foreigner and Malaysians and of course the difference is huge...hahahaha but its ok its worth it! ;)

At he park entrance

Then the Koi fish pond

then the turtle cove :) hannie's favourite hehehe

Then finally the butterflies :)

Random pics of us at the park...

dead and alive dont know which is which but these things are alive at least someof it...euuuwwww

Look at the happy smile on Hannie's face :)

papillons encore :)

Hannie encore :)
Then finally after the visit to the rama-rama park we vow to come visit the bird park next and its just next door to the papillons, next time it is! ;)

Then we head off to IKEA for mon coeur have some supplies to get from IKEA for his DIY projects so off we go to The Curve and IKEA for some window shopping and dinner treat for Hannie :)

Look at hannie enjoying the ride on the trolley pushed by mon coeur :)

Here is where we took Hannie for her dinner treat; Bubba Gump & Shrimp Co.

Our Dinner served :)

After the dinner pics :)

All in all it was a great outing wt Hannie and hope to do it again soon to our next place to visit at Taman Tasik Perdana and that is the Birds Park. So stay tuned folks! ;)

papillons encore!

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