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Monday, 4 February 2013

Baby Changing Rooms in Dubai

One thing that I hate the most is  going to a mall and there is no  place to change the baby, and this happens all the time in Malaysia and the concept of giving comfort to mother and their baby is just not in their list of priorities I guess. In Dubai it is children's kingdom of Joy and comfort. Whatever it is whether in a mall or on a train or just any where you go there will be a sign that shows priority to disables and mothers with children and so on. This is just one of  the things I really enjoy here and that is having the perks as a mother and to be able to benefit from these special treatment. 

It's not just for mother's only in fact they have the same room fully equipped and all just for Daddies who are caring for their children as well. I remember sending my husband  to help with changing  Miss M's diaper and they didnt came out for a long long time all because...Miss M was busy playing inside with all the toys provided infact it pose a problem to get her out of the room coz she loves playing in there too much :)

Here's an example of the facility they have for baby changing rooms in one of the malls in Dubai.

Miss M enjoying the little wooden playground provided for toddlers to play while their mom breastfeed their baby. Very thoughtful idea indeed.

Here you can see two changing cell which is outside  beside the playground. And the automatic door beside are the individual private rooms for breastfeeding and changing baby's nappies :)

And here is the toilet for mummy and the little one to use. And if you see the red light on the left side on the door , thts the automatic door indicating  it is occupied and a similar green light indicating it is not occupied. all doors here is with a push of a button, because they KNOW...mothers dont have enough hands to open the doors when they are holding their baby in the arms so they provided an automatic door for that.

 The big sofa for resting and for the other older kids to sit as well.

They even provided with a hot and cold water dispenser and also a baby bottle warmer free for anyone to use while they are there. Brilliant idea indeed. Some places even equipped with a shower  space especially built for toddlers.

The kitchenette

 And finally the individual cell room which is private and fully equipped with everything you need for breastfeeding and also for changing diapers.

I remember when I first went to this place Iwas so surprise to look at all this things. And I thought it was only at this mall but in fact all the malls here are equipped with such facilities.

For this I like the malls here, makes you feel at ease to do your shopping and knowing that you have a place to do all things related to babies and toddlers.

Harap2 di sabah pun akan ada facilities mcm yg ini, supaya warga ibu2 sekalian dpt kesenangan sedikit bila time mau  tukar lampin dan segala hehe

Until my next post...

À bientôt

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