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Monday, 11 February 2013

Nursery day!

The dreadful day has finally arrived....It's the 1st day of nursery day for our LO and mummy did pretty well this time around I think, by not crying :)

We had to leave pretty early ( early according to Miss M time that is coz she usually wakes up at 10am)  so 8am is way too early on her clock hehehe
Got her changed  out of her jammies without hassle coz Miss M still refused to open her eyes:) Then finally shoes on and everything ready to go and her papa took her over his shoulder and by the time we got out of the apartment, finally Miss M was wide awake :)
She had her milk in the car while we were on our way to the nursery place which is a bout 20 minutes away...

My heart was pounding so hard worrying about how she is going to make it at the nursery and when we had a short peek at how she was doing from the glass door well, she look happily playing  the swings but I guess she was still not quite awake yet.

so we left...and I had a huge swell in my heart and praying that today will be ok for her and that she will be fine.

tick, tock, tick, tock....YES! It's time to get my precious darling HEART :)

When I arrived , they told me they took Miss M upstairs and they will bring her down shortly, and when i saw the staff carrying her down the steps I was so happy to see my baby and I miss her so much already...i couldnt wait it's as though the time suddenly went very very slow so I went up the stairs to meet her half way and ...
I saw tears welling over her bottom eyes, then suddenly she said mama with a scared voice...I hug her and asked her whats wrong and then the staff that was assigned to look after Miss M explained to me that she was bitten on her hand by one of the boy in the nursery because she was playing his favourite toys.
My heart sank and I just couldnt imagine the pain she went through and mummy was not there to console her. And thank goodness she got her trusted doggie plush toy to console her during then. I was feeling angry and wishing things didnt happened as it did on her first day. And I told the staff that they could have prevented it if they were more attentive beacuse if they knew that the boy is usually doing that to other kids then they should not let Miss M played with that toy or even be near to it for that matter when they know a certain boy in that nursery is guarding it like a hawk and that no one can touch it.
Ah well, hopefully things like this dont happen again or else Miss M's daddy will have a say about it and it ain't gonna be good .
Overall it was ok for Miss M she enjoyed herself very much there running and playing in the playground  except for this fiasco with the bitting boy. Hopefully Miss M wont be too traumatised  by all this and go to the nursery peacefully without a hitch. I for one pray that she will  be ok and happy always  and that she will always be safe from any harm.

Until our next post.....

À bientôt

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