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Tuesday, 7 October 2008

the vixen came to town :)

My beloved sister Mapsy Doodle a.k.a Super Vixen, finally touched down in KL and i cant help but feel ecstatic..i was waiting at the arrival hall and my eyes was scouting for a tiny girl..thatshow i remembered my baby sis all this while she is reall tiny, o me that is :) then finally i saw a girl, clad in black long sleeved shirt and trousers and it fit looking like mapsy and YES! i was her,my baby sis had finally arrived! Sometime in June or July i cant remember but mon coeur and i thought it would be cool to give my sister a a break from work, bf and family for even just for 4 days and spend time with us here in KL and so..mon coeur sudgested that we send her an advanced birthday gift which is a ticket to fly down to KL for 4 days and have merry time with us :) It was the greatest sudgestion ever coz i've missed my sister so much as we spend a lot of time photographing things and hang out with her some time and so i miss that and this get together is going to make me smile from ear to ear because Raymond and i love her company shes just so funny and witty and so serious all at the same time

And so she flew!

We had our coffee at starbucks at LCCT and off we go to Maple :)

During her time here i planned to keep her as busy as can be and so i time was pretty packed with wholesome goodness :)

mapsy and her forever peace sign :)

collection of our pics taken by Raymond :)

Encore, pics of us taken by my sweetheart, mon coeur :)

Our very Melaka-an Menu :)

The essence of Melaka!

having a break at the mall for some cuppa and look at mapsy and her favourite snack :)

gotcha! :))

Here and there in Melakaof Mapsy and Raymond :) I guess raymond caught the bug of showing PEACE sign too from Mapsy hehehe..catching indeed this bug hehehe :)

Random pics of all of us, Philippe,Raymond, Mal & Mapsy and somewhere around there is me :)

I like this picture very much shows a lot of Melaka tradition with the baba and nyonyas of the drinking tea custom. We had chrysentinum Tea. exquisitely delish ;)

then for dinner that night we went out to The Carat Club in Pavillion and it was wonderful treat indeed : Thank Philippe and Mal for introducing this nice restaurant to us :) I guess its a new trend now that a place selling diamond jewelleries is also an eatery. I guess you buy ur diamond then dine there hahahha :)
And here is the auspicious food..try the Salmon thingy its delish!!!

After the Melaka trip we had another go at the Batu Caves and its kinda like back to roots voyage for both of us where in Melaka we felt very chinese and when in Batu Caves suddenly we are feeling very indian indeed :) I guess this is good thing avout being mixed blooded, everything seemed to blend in one or the other :)

Why we had them dots over our forehead is tha we just finished with our head massage using the coconut oil but with extract from jasmine flower so no coconut smell but jasmine. It was really am a good massage and those are looks of two very relaxed gals :) and...they gifted us with a bottle each of the jasmine extract coconut oil for our hair :) Thank you very much for the gift and its very good for my hair and been using it ever since i got it :)

When we were there we were also treated to a dancing troope which was nice and very sister mapsy was asked to go on stage but she was shy and so we just watched the performance with smiles on our face :)

And for the 2nd time around, Raymond's friend Krish was not around so raymond had to play host to Mapsy and show her around the caves and outside:) And IT was our 2nd visit to Batu Caves in two weeks so Raymond is very very familliar with the place indeed :)

A collage of mapsy taken at the Bat Caves...i like taking picture of her when she is in action with her camera! Am so proud of her, my tiny tot lil sister, the photographer!

Just as i promised, I told her i'd bring her to something japanese and so i brought her to the Yuritei Japanese Tea House @ Sentul Park - Koi Centre

Our food @Yuritei Japanese Tea House :)

We had a blast and it was a priveledge too, to have the opportunity to meet up with the 5 times champions of the World Koi competition and he is really cutest , the largest and the oldest which the caretaker was telling us he is now about 11 years old and the most beautiful and best behaviour koi ever. Ah well its no wonder he holds the world title 5 times! Kudos to the fish! I guess it applies to Malaysian born fish too to say this---> Malaysia boleh! hehehe

Then comes dinner we went to Cuisine Studio , where we were hoping to meet with the auspicious Chef who happens to be Raymond and Philippe's freind, but unfortunately he was out on another function so we got along fine with the other chef at Cuisine studio and thats Chef Bruno :)

Yummy indeed :)

The next day, was shopping day so we head off to Bukit bintan for some shopping and lunch and this time mapsy doodle treated me for Lunch at Tapanyaki and it was my first time there and all i can say is i will definately come back again :) wonderful food indeed :)

The next day we meet up with our aunt alys at 1Utama for lunch and she is to send us over to the airport to send mapsy off and so we had lunch at Zoup! but no photos unfortunately i just fogot to take any huhuhu :(

All in all my lil sister's trip to KL for a visit was really wonderful we love her company and hope to do it again in the near future and hopefully this time jonjon is in the picture :)

Before i wrap things up here, i leave you guys with some of my favourite pics from our trips :)

my fav picture of myself and sis #1, photographer : Raymond

my fav picture of myself and sis #2, photographer : Raymond

my fav picture of my sis , photographer : Cilla
my fav picture of myself and Raymond #1, photographer : Mapsy

Thank you to my baby sis for you valuable time spent with us, and to our wonderful guests, Mal and Philippe thank you for joining us on this trip and making it more wonderful with laughter and smiles and to my beloved Raymond for making things happened and putting smiles to my face every single day! Wo ai nie :)

Love always
C & R

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  1. awww so sweet!!! yes...she is such a tiny thing!! especially next to Chubbs!! its always nice when a sibling comes a calling .....thats when u realised how much u miss them!