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Friday, 31 October 2008

My gadgets! :)

I remember discussing something about owning a gadget with our friend Phillipe during when he was here for his vacation and he lugged with him some very interesting "Gadgets" as i put it but he didnt want to admit that his wi-fi Ipod thingy is a gadget but anyhow, enough said i was actually pretty amazed and intrigued with all his gadget stuffs so finally i told myself i think i need some gadgets too :))

so here is what we collected after spending some time reading reviews about things before we bought any and so here is what we have in our gadget box now :)

First, is my Olympus SP-507UZ after selling off my cannon S3 on the net with a good deal, i finally decided to get this Olympus because firstly, i dont like to lugged with me types of lenses and all so this is my solution as packed with 20X zoom capacity i guess its all i need for my photography hobby, as im just taking pics for the fun of it hehehe and also im a point and shoot kinda person so this is perfect for me as i dont know much about taking pictures and all i just go by what i feel like and just snap! snap! snap! Besides its 10.1 megapixel so hopefully it will help me take nice enough pictures without having to edit them with softwares coz i'm really bad with them too hehehe Its the closest i cant get to a DSLR camera s its stated in the description its a DSLR like for the functions and all are kinda like a DSLR kind of camera. Enough said i just love the simplicity of this camera and the lightness of it just perfect for tiny hands like mine. So i'm an Oly person now :)

Next on my gadgetry list is this Selphy ES20. We got a good deal for this one too as it was on sales and was just selling below RM400 and its enough for me to get my instant picture print out and with quality just as good as a print out from a photo shop so im happy about it! So, now i can print out my favourite picture all at home and need not send it for print outside anymore :) yeahhh! And top of it all its really tiny and portable as well as wireless and packed with bluetooth and everything you can just carry it around with you anywhere :)
A must have for anyone doing scrapbooking like i do!

The third gadgetry we have in our collection is another camera which is really great for everything, particularly for photoblogging for it is compact to bring anywhere, its waterproof, its shockproof and it takes very good macro shots for it has a Led light capabilities...really superb. In fact i used more of this camera then my bigger olympus camera because its very good with the moving action picture taking like inside a car for its stabilation capabilities is really good. packed with a 10.1 megapixel its really a great deal. One of the reason why we got this camera is because we are doing a lot of snorkelling and travelling so this is a perfect camera for all of that. We made a few test already during our recent snorkelling trip and it was really good working underwater wt this camera. It works 10meters under water so its good for snorkelling. Anyone thinking of getting this Olympus SW 1030 my recommendation is you are getting a good deal indeed! I had a good deal for this one too as i bought it during the recent KLPF meet and bought it directly from the Olympus distributor and got it below RM1300 with one extra original lithium battery. One other good thing about this camera is that it works with Xd Cards as well as a micro SD memory card so you get more memory packed in it.

My final gadget is this Pocket PC. Ray seemed to have it for a long time now but has not been utilising it for years and i quickly put it to use for i love the wifi capabilities on this Pocket Pc for i can be anywhere and surf the net and most of all i can load skype, msn and facebook and etc. So these days i will have it with me to wherever i go for its small and very convenient and also i can have skype out calls and call home anytime im connected. This is a very convenient tool to have if you are doing a lot of travelling and the google map is easily loaded for when you are lost! hehehe Besides that i can also blog from it and check my emails from anywhere. so its a wonderful tool to have eventhough this Toshiba Pocket PC e800 is already 4 years old but with 8G of memory and window base application i can do almost everything with it. Right now i use it more for my French lesson for i can listen and read my lessons on pdf format on this tiny machine. are my most current gadgetry @ home. For me and Ray are both very much into buying gadgets stuffs and our next gadget for our collection is a small pc for travelling! So going to do a research on it before getting one!;)

gadgetry freak!
C & R

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