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Thursday, 15 May 2008

Happy Mother's Day Sunday

Well initially we wanted to go and visit KLCC as i have never actually went for the tour itself BUT...unfortunately all the tickets were sold out and according to the lady we had to get in as early as 7.30am to be in the line to get the tickets as per day they are only issuing about 1200 tickets. Unfortunately we were too late. But anyhow, mon coeur had a meeting there at KLCC so i tagged along but i went jalan-jalan at the KLCC shops while he went for the meeting.

I spend mostly my time in the bookstore and reading and reading and called mom a couple of times to see what shes up to and wish her happy mom's day...i miss her and i miss occassions like this back home we use to have a gathering or some sort and this year i miss it :( Mapsy was supposed to post some pics about the gathering but guessed she is busy ....

Mon coeur joined me browsing in the bookstore and before too long we were both are sitting on the floor reading our favourite books on Asian Homes Decor particularly balinese home decor. then we decided to get the book after all as it would be a nice addition to our own little collection back at the condo. Then we went for a simple lunch @ KFC my long time favourite heheheh :) then we went window shopping and ended up mon coeur suprised me with a gift! :)

Happy Mother's Day gift and am not a mom yet heheheh.....thank you very very much for the lovely gift mon coeur and now we are both Issey Miyake fan :)

Then after that we went jalan-jalan outside the KLCC building where there were swimming pool for kiddies and just a nice place to hang about doing nothing just resting your eyes and just observing people. here are some of the shots taken aroun dthe area and some of these shots are taken by either me or mon coeur :)

from the bottom view

from under the bridge view

the surrounding area
Not an interesting swimming place for the kids but it will do i guess...hehehe

Random pics of us at the KLCC park using mon coeur's camera ;)

After KLCC, we head off to Bangsar where we intend to do our groceries shopping and decided to go to the Pasar Malam Kuala Lumpur in Bangsar. I really had wonderful time going thru the pasar for our groceries needs like veges and fruits. Its not only good quality but also very cheap so i'm pretty sure we are going to this pasar malam every sunday for our groceries then.

cakes....tempting indeed...
les Cakes à la banane sont toujours là! Ouf!!!!
petit clin d'oeil à ma soeur Aline... hehehe

My favourite fruit ..and look how beautiful they look under the afternoon sun

Rambutans and mangostein (manggis)
uhm uhm pas de durian en vu!!!!

Satay (Sate)

another satay seller shot

Hmn....seafood rojak time i think i will try this food :)
par contre les "tandori chiken" ont disparus.... snifff...

tid-bits...i will buy some just for munchies next time :)

And..another suprise from mon coeur...he got me these beautiful flowers when we were out @ the pasar malam....told me to pick 3 types and he said it's for me for no reason at all :)) i was smilling from ear to ear....hehehe merci beauchoup mon coeur! it means so so so much! emmuahhhh!!!

well there goes another weekend and its going to be a long weekend this week and already im looking forward to that :) anyhow, take care everyone and have a great week ahead!

weekend wonderer!
C & R

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