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Thursday, 17 May 2012

Our Globetrotting baby :)

I have been for the longest of times wanted to share my experience travelling with a baby and never here is something that i think will benefit a lot of moms whose a globetrotter themselves as well as their families.

flying @ 4 weeks old

My first experience travelling with a baby is when Miss M was just 4 weeks old :) and i have only this picture of her on the flight. They didnt have a bassinet seat for me but instead they gave me two seats to put baby in her car seat and slept right next to me :)
It depends on the airlines actually, coz they let me bring the car seat along and fasten it directly on the airplane seat and that was it baby have her own cozy bed with her the whole 7 hours flight to KL After this flight, baby had another flight back to France in September, then another flight back to KK in November then another flight back to KK in March and finally the most recent one , back to France for Spring holidays.
So actually Miss M have been travelling since she was 4 weeks old, 3 months, 5 months, 9 months and 10 months old. So i have lots of experiences to write about :)

flying @3 months

flying @ 5 months

flying @ 9 months

flying @10 months

I've always preffered to have night flights as it is easier on  the baby and also to yourself too coz, naturally it's their bedtime and so baby will sleep during the flight and the mummy and daddy can steal a few winks too :)  so if ever you are booking for a flight which is more then 4 hours or more try and book a night flight and so you wont lose your precious winks :))

This was taken on our trip back to Dubai from KL and I just love KLIA as it got a superb baby changing area. They even have hot and cold shower nozzles on the sink for you to bathe your child/baby which i did everytime we had to transit for a couple hours in KLIA.  After getting her quick shower and a change of fresh nappy she was in dreamworld in a second :)

Oh and yes these pink safety harness for little kiddies is good to have too especially when you are travelling alone with your 10month  old baby like I always do so you can attached the harness to the back of the seat and baby will be secured to the seat while you rummage through your hand luggage above. Very very handy indeed :) I use this safety harness a lot especially when going to restaurants and the baby chair is too big so i use this harness again to secure her on the seat. I also use a lot of this when i am travelling on a taxi here in Dubai coz you can attached your baby to yourself using this safety harness and acts as a seat belt coz taxi in KK or in Dubai do not have car seats ready for toddlers thats for sure. So  I use this safety harness instead.
Look it up if you want, you can get it at Mothercare and i dont remember the price hehehe.

Hope this helps some moms out there who is going to travel  with a baby in the near future and hopefully this post helps a little with the thousands of questions in your head hehehe :)

Next I will try and do a post on what gear we should have for travelling with babies on a flight :)
at the mean time....

Have a good week peeps! :))

À bientôt

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