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Wednesday, 8 February 2012

bon achat :) (Good Buy)

Normally when we do our groceries  shop for the week we will have dinner at a restaurant then head off to Carrefour for our weekly groceries and  as usual we head of to our favourite Mall in Dubai which is at Mirdif City Centre.  It's spacious , it's got everything and loads of restaurants to choose from. During when it was just the two of us we usually go to the big food court that they have here but since we have Miss M tagging along we tend to go have our lunch or dinner in a restaurant where it is more quiet and not so chaotic as in a food court. Besides this gives us the chance to sample on a different restaurant every week and take note to which restaurants  is good or bad :)

here are some of the photos that we manage to take on that day!

We decided to take on " The Mango Bistro" for our dinner and they serve western and asian food and i was so delighted to see in their Menu a dish from Malaysia and of course i ordered that dish hehehe :)
While waiting for our food we had some photo fun with miss M :)

So here are our food!
My "Nasi Goreng Malaysia" was indeed superb! But unfortunately , hubby's sizzling sweet and sour fish is not up to it's standard. He loves anything in sweet sour sauce and this particularly one is not his cup of tes. Ah well, at least they make it up for a super wonderful dessert which was Fried Ice cream and it was delish!

Then we move on to do our groceries shopping at carrefour and guess who was also busy trying to act like a 1 year old baby when in fact is only 7 months old!

See what i mean? she wanted so much to sit on the trolley which is ridiculously too big for her! She was crying like a banshee and trying so hard to make the daddy do what she wants him to do. At last we lost the battle :(

Look at her victorious smile after oogling her daddy to be released and sit on the trolley which is obviously too big for her.

Well, mummy had no choice but to make a seat belt out of her thin blanket and secure her on the trolley with her panda pillow as a support on her back.

And...I managed to grab this which was on a 75% sale and i got it for 10 Dirham!
Yeah another bon achat! (good buy)

Until our next post, au revoir!

À bientôt


  1. Can I come visit you one day?? I am so jealous that you get to experience all this fine cuisine! And look at her- can you say, she is just the cutest. PS- love the stars on the blog:)


    Of course you can! Dubai is a melting pot of all cultures and therefore cuisine is very much colourful just like the people here. If ever you and your family are heading this way, just give us a shout and you guys are always welcome here :) I so love the falling stars too :)