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Tuesday, 14 February 2012

mon petite coeur :)

 Look who woke up with a better smilling face?

Yeap! Miss M, finally recover her smiles back alright and mummy is so happy to report that she is getting better but not yet 100%  though . Dr said it will take her at least 1 week to recover from this nasty cold and that she had to be on antibiotics for the duration. Praise the lord she is not crying and feeling irritably cranky anymore and she is almost her bubbly self again  yeahhh!

Warning! this picture might gross some people so beware watch at your own risk! heheheh

 Present # 1 
Green Booger in the morning :)

 Present # 2
Green Booger in the evening :)

This just means that my little Miss M is on her way to getting well again thank god!
and mummy is so so so happy emuahh to my little darling for hanging tough for the past week!
Bisous! bisous! mon petite coeur  :)

À bientôt

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