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Monday, 1 December 2008

Jalan-Jalan cari makan :)

In November i have not been doing much travelling BUT i certainly did a lot of cathing up with friends visiting to KL and took advantage of the moment when we can just chit-chat while doing some christmas shopping. I did a few shopping trips with them and i must say makes shopping much more fun and full of suprises hehehe :)

Am not going to elaborate more on these pics...coz i must say the picture says it all all we did was chat and shopping hehehe :)

2nd trip outing with my best Buddy Diana :)

Then had a wonderful get-together with "mummy Via" and daugter Florie :)

Then finally with, with my two other mates, Aggy and Alice! i was sooo happy to see them both especially when i havent seen both of them in ages!

i guess catching up with mates is a good thing as you can only count so many times in a year you can do this kind of thing and im just happy i can at least meet with some of them. Never the less, theres always next year and there are plenty more people that i want to visit particularly my dearest cousins and their beloved family in Canada. Yes this is my wish and i hope newt year will definately be the year to do so :)

Cherish the moment!
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  1. Oh, talk about Christmas shopping, I haven't done mine. Haha... let me think think what should I buy...