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Monday, 15 December 2008

Joyeux Anniversaire mon coeur!! :)

This is the first time for both of us celebrating mon coeur's birthday together and it so happens that we were back in KK for the occasion. There were three parts of the celebration and surely the picture will speak for me when all i can say is..we had a great time together and also with family and friends and one that will always be cherished by both of us particularly when we both prepared our favourite dish together @ my mom's kitchen heheheh :)

Anyhow, Joyeux anniversaire pour toi mon coeur!!

Joyeux anniversaire Part 1 @ BB Cafe , KK City Centre with Milly & John

Joyeux anniversaire Part 2 @ home in Lok Kawi
with the lovely Mango Delight from Secret Recipe especially when birthday boy requested it for it is his favourite cake :)

Joyeux anniversaire Part 3

Then finally we end the day celebrating mon coeur's birthday @ Novatel which was a french chain hotel so we were hoping to get some french cuisine and wine and in the end we had a marvelous buffet dinner which we had fun picking our own food from the buffet display of french cuisine and finally after a long wait we finallly got our wine treat although its a chilian wine...

Anyhow just looking at mon coeur's face is enough to know he had great time spending his birthday and particularly its our first time spending it together and so hope for the many more to come :)

wish you good health , wish you loved and most of all wish you happy birthday mon coeur!!

Love always,
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  1. Happy belated Birthday, Raymond! Hope we will meet has been ages since I have last seen Priscilla.