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Monday, 9 January 2012

Thank you note from Dubai to Paris :)

 First of all, this particular post of mine is especially dedicated to Serge, Vita and Dhini In Paris :)
The reason why I'm dedicating this post to them is because they help us to get this happy baby from this awake, smiling and waking up at 4am in the morning just to help make her mom and dad have funny panda eyes the next day to.............

Eyes wide open at 4am and then.......
 THIS! Sleeping beauty mode in just after 5 minutes or so :)
And it's all thanks to this MAGIC thing called.....

 berceuses et musique douces (lullabies and soft music)
 Whenever she is cranky or just tired when we put this on she will calm down and get herself ready for going to bed. It's really amazing this gift! I must say this is the best gift ever for Miss M and she difinately appreciates every song on this CD and so are her mommy and daddy! Not just that, even the mommy and daddy are begining to sing this song whenever, whenever just to calm her down when we are at the mall or somewhere else outside our home and it seems to work everytime :) And soon we will have another copy for stanby in the car for emergency of shrieking baby Miss M while on the road :)

To that, thank you so so so so so much Serge, Vita and Dhini, we appreciated it from the bottom of our hearts!

des gros bisous from Dubai!

À bientôt

1 comment:

  1. Happy and Healthy New Year to all three, they are both nice dogs, it is always good to see them in a good home, I do enjoy them while they are here. Now I can say the same abought your little babby, she will be using your lipstick before you know it. Time flys by our son 40 and grandchildren 16 and fourteen. So enjoy every minuet they are so presious, and make some great memories.
    Licks Bobby and the rest.