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Monday, 9 January 2012

New Year Celebration 2011/2012

Just like Christmas, New Year is also gonna be our first time as a family of three. It was a strange feeling but a great one indeed :)

New Year Eve started off going to get some food for our special New Year Eve Dinner and the menu would be some sea food , some beef and chicken and we are going to do a steamboat party just the three of us :)

As we were buying stuff for the grill and soup for the dinner, suddenly my hubby went missing and finally i found him at one of the fish stall where they have a section where they sell oyster (huîtres)
and i laugh coz he was busy teaching people the proper way to open the oyster and eat them. The funny part is that he keeps opening them and eating them like nobody's business hahahaha and it was expensive. 
I knew he misses home back in France where they have oysters and lobster for dinner  so i told him to go get him a bucket and so he did :) he left carrefour a happy man that night :))
And so our New Year Eve begins...

Here are the to die for "oyster" He cleans them, open them, and arrange them on the palte like that but thats only half of the oyster the rest all went inside his tummy already :p

So we are ready to roll!
We decide to do steamboat on that night as i got my hubby a griller for Christmas and what better moment to use it and so we did :)

The New year toast and enjoying our dinner accompanied by this delicious red wine that we smuggled from France :) Cheers!

Then we went to our balcony and sip more wine and looking at the horizon we saw a lot of cars and a lot of people and it was time to go down and head the back of our apartment where the view of the Burj Khalifa is just manifique. so we done our jackets and pack Miss M in her comfy stroller to shield the wind and cold and yes it was 23°C that night. And so off we went :)

The view from our apartment where you can see lots of car and it's starting to be jam on the road

And zooming in we can see lots of people waiting by the roas side to watch the fireworks display as well.

And look who came out of her comfy cocoon to join us and watch the fireworks :)

Armed with her gigoteuse, Miss M is ready to slide to her first new year along with us, although she was only in for half of year of 2011 as she was born in June hehehe but never the less new year is but a new year and it is a time for celebration indeed :)

Photos of us before the firework display 2011

And this is our first family photo for 2012 :)

After this we head back to the apartment and little Miss M went back to slumber and Hubby and me stayed at the balcony for a while watching the jam and the mountain of people trying to leave  or trying to get to the metro but it was all packed. poor people who had to stay till morning because of the jam.

Look at all those lights lighting up and the jam packed roads and the metro full of buzzing people.

 Here is a zoomed photo of the metro in front of our apartment building..kesian oh

And here are the photos of the firework display at Burj Khalifa and it was onr of the most beautiful firework display I ever seen.

And yours truely

À bientôt

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  1. Wow! Look at all these pictures. THey look awesome. Happy New Year!