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Friday, 6 January 2012

Christmas Eve 2011

Well, what can I say, it's our first christmas as a small family and we have no clue how to begin. At the least we have the tree up thats a start the least and and and...we have presents underneath the tree too. Wow good job! And what's left is just to figure out whats the menu gonna be coz me and hubby have different backgrounds and cultures and when it comes to celebrating Christmas, unfortunately we dont seemed to have the same menu in mind.

So Christmas Eve we spent wondering at the Mall looking for ideas for the next day small Lunch Christmas party with Gail and family.

You see, for Hubby, back in France on Christmas Day, unfortunately the turkey is no where to be seen coz it's not in the menu . They had their tradition of christmas menu of oysters and prawns and lobsters for the appertizer and later for the main course they usually have langue de boeuf but unfortunately it's not available here in Dubai.

So we finally opt for a more traditional menu which is Gratin the cauliflower, Roasted Turkey and finally Roti the boeuf ( Roasted Boeuf)

so here are the pictures of us on Christmas Eve where most people have their big family dinner at home but for us in Dubai we had it differently and so we took it to the mall and see what they have to offer for this family of three :)

Getting ready to go and we decided that Miss M is to big to use her MAXI COSY car seat now and so we changed it to the pink car seat we bought from the De la Santos Family before they left Dubai the other day and so she tried to sit on it the first time and seems that she is liking it...well she loves it!
Also we changed her buggy too since the Maxi Cosy cant fit her anymore.
She seems to like both, thank goodness! :))

See...all smiles from Miss M :)

First stop is to get us some late lunch and we ate at the food court at Mirdif City Centre and Miss M was just enjoying her time out, laughing and smiling all the way :))


Evening came and our tummy starts to rumble and so we head out to the restaurants at the ground floor and finally we choose this restaurant coz it's close to the christmas tree and and and it's sooo cozy and quiet :)

can you see the big christmas tree at the background? well at least it's got a christmassy  surroundings to it and the food was fantastic!

Happy Christmas Eve indeed :))

À bientôt

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