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Saturday, 27 February 2010

DAY 58 - Chillaxing on a lazy saturday...

We are lazy!

Yes we are both lazy on this fine warm saturday not only we woke up late but we also put on our official "Vacance" T shirt of our lasting memory of "East Meets West" summer wedding + holidays back in sabah in 2009. When we wear this T-shirt, it brings us a lot of memories of our wedding and holidays with family and warm fuzzy feelings just crept into us, very nice feeling indeed :)

Actually why we adorn this T-shirt is because once again we are planning for our grand vacance which is in May and we spent the whole day with the callendar of month May printed out and filling it in with prospective place to go and i just love it when we are doing this :)

And finally its all finished and done with and now we are ready for the month of May! there are still some final bookings to be done with but our air tickets are all purchased and ready now :)

 So here is the..
bleu , blanc, , rouge  
team :)

france and sabah have the same colours in their flag just that the colours are arrange on a different orientation see what i mean? :)

And here is the logo on our shirt courtesy of our T-Shirt creator Mr Melvin Ho :)
I gave him the idea and he transformed it to this. :)
So if you want to create logo's and shirts and all go see this charming and handsome of a guy and most of all he is really funny and friendly and so easy to work with i wouldnt want anyone else :)
 xie xie nie again Melvin, your contribution to us is priceless indeed  :)
 from the bleu , blanc, , rouge   team :)

À bientôt

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