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Tuesday, 2 February 2010

DAY 33 - La Chandeleur = crêpe day in France

FEBRUARY 2 is the Catholic holiday of Candlemas, a feast to commemorate the purification of the Virgin Mary and the presentation of the baby Jesus forty days after his birth.

For many French people La Chandeleur is a chance to enjoy a lot of crêpes, as well as do some fortune telling while making them. If you know how to do both that is IF not just enjoy the crêpe :)

I had this crêpe last year with christine when we visited Angers and decided to have crêpe for dinner this one is what i had i think it was curry chicken with crêpe...yummilicious indeed:)

I remembered 2 years ago we had a ball having crêpe day with our guests From France, Phillipe and my sister Melissa and mal. I remember i was so impressed when Phillipe did crêpe flambées au Grand Marnier.

Well i dig and i dig and finally i found the videos :) Phillipe this one is for you :) here is a 2 year old video of Phillipe and & his assistant Raymond doing the crêpe flambées au Grand Marnier

Phillipe and his burning crêpe flambées

Two well fed girls with a little bit woozy on the head because of the Grand Marnier effect...too much alcohol :))

Well tonight we are heading out to a friend's place to celebrate La Chandeleur with them and hopefully i get some pictures to show tomorrow :)

Until then....

À bientôt


  1. I think they look a thinner version of what John calls pan cakes, the alcohol would sure make them taste good, well that's what he said.

  2. the alcohol was a bit strong because it didnt burn enough so the alcohol was very very strong and it went straight to the head. shikes! but the crepe was yummy :) and yes it's not a pan cake but a crepe the french style or version :)