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Monday, 8 February 2010

DAY 39 - African Night :)

Our friend Elo & Sebastien hosted yet another wonderful party again recently and this time it was African night. Actually we just call it that way because she was inviting her Nigerian friends to come for dinner and she is making one Nigerian dish which is dried fish cooked with some spices and vegetables which was delish.

The night was young and i must say, we had a wonderful time laughing, dancing and some fun with the camera too :)

Elo setting up the dining table which is beautiful with all the candles and wine glasses :)

mingling time :)

Ahhh...the beautiful table is set :)

The yummy food during that night :)

Three French and Three Nigerians and 1 lost Malaysian girl :) hahahaha

After dinner we had some fun entertainment by the host Elo doing some African dance move :)

And the tag team husband and wife mix dance of French and Nigerian dance becomes ....ermnn simply hilariously beautiful :)

The photo session begins :) Thats the best i can do to wear something african :)

thanks to the avid photographer that night who help took a lot of our pictures :)

Oh i just love this picture of me and Elo :)

And finally the whole troops after a night of enjoyment it was time to call it a night! And once again thanks to our wonderful host Elo and Sebastien for hosting just a wonderful and fun gathering at their home. Merci beaucoup :)

À bientôt


  1. You do have lovely evenings and very appetizing meals, it all looks so nice.

  2. always ever so ready for a party and any occasion is always a reason to throw a party so plenty more to come for sure :)