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Monday, 1 February 2010

DAY 32 - Wow it's February already....

Time passes by too fast sometimes....and now it's already been 1 month gone from the year 2010 and left just 11 more months to go. Shikes...I'm glad i'm doing this 365 days of posting at least i see everything i did every single day and it keeps me with high hopes that i will make this come true for me to finish this challenge. Besides that also i've decided to make it a point to change the header of my blog for every month so i will have 12 header for 2010 and each picture will take me to the place i've already visited and adore the place.

The month of February brings me back to my memory in La Rochelle with my niece Elisa and Jerome. Spent wonderful time with them there and this is one of the beautiful gardens close to the city centre. It was in May last year that i went to visit them and it was still spring time hence the flowers blooming at it's best.

I hope February 2010 will bring all of us some beautiful and cherish memories for keepsakes and top of it all fun fun fun with our valentines :)

looking forward to a wonderful fantabulous valentine February indeed :)

À bientôt


  1. Those flowers look beautiful, all our snow right now and - temps. So that picture helps us remember warm times. Mind I would only leave pee-mail on the flowers, sorry.

  2. Well at least them flowers will have natural fertilizers on them :)