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Monday, 8 February 2010

DAY 38 - Road Trip - PART 2

Just as i said i would do , here is the continuation of our Road Trip.
The vegetation in this area changed drastically from how Luanda looked like for here theres a lot a lot alot of water and so greeneries are everywhere it seems like my eyes miss seeing these plush green fields and im admiring and adoring them. I feel like i have just gotten out of a jail for seeing this green makes me feel free and fresh.

According to Benjamin our driver, this green plains is a famous hangout for the hippos and elephants. On some days you can see them basking in the river having a wonderful soak. Ah's not our lucky day indeed ...we see no elephant ...and.... no hipopo either....
According to my driver the elephants here terorized the village people and the hippopos didnt like sharing their pool with humans either...tough luck guys! :)

beautiful greens!

The elephants believed to roam this area alot....herds of them...but today nil :(

Finally we reached Barro Do Dande which means the Cliffs of Dande or something sounding like that hehehe

The first cliff i saw, which is just above the Barro do Dande singboard.

Ahhh..finally..the Dande Cliffs!

I see they have no eggs, opps! i guess we are interupting some early Valentines rendezvous with this two birdies! okies...i pretend not to watch you guys :)
To our suprise, we interupted a lot of big birds nestling just below the cliffs. Oppps again !! :)

The whole stretched of the Dande Cliff and we are heading towards the end of the cliff for our lunch picnic :)

oh... before that snap! snap! :)thanks to our driver we managed to get this photo of us taken on top of the cliff :) Obrigada Benjamin!

Hah! Finally the end of the other part of the cliff and below the cliff is where we will have our lunch picnic break. Simply manifique!
By the way, as we make our way towards this place i saw a lot of Attention! MINES! i said MINES?? shikess!!! this place is infested with mines!!!!! i wanna go homeeeeeee!!! hahahaha
i was so so so scraed but our driver told us that they have marked the areas well that has land mines on it so we stay away from that area. Angola at one time was all about wars so its only natural MINES are planted everywhere and now the pain stacking time of getting rid of this deadly and dangerous thing!

You see how little space we have for shade? well we have to move every few minutes because the sun keeps taking our shade.. :(

The food i cooked for the picnic..Morrocan Chiken with rice Pillaf :)

Mon coeur finishing our "kacang"/ cacauhette seems to be a favourite for both of us :)


One of our activities to do when we are the beach :)

Her activities :)

His activieites :)

and togetherness activities :)

my findings :)
And it was time to pack up and say goodybyes...

Before that we went to the other side to check out the fishing village near by...see the end of the cliff in this picture? we were from there before so this fishing village is before the road going up the cliff.

On our next trip we are heading that away it is called Ambriz!

Looks familliar this one :)) ikan masin everywhere in the world :)

Its strange to see cactus everywhere by the makes you think ur in a desert but NOT

But before i go any further i hope you guys will enjoy this "I love You" shot as we call it :)




À bientôt


  1. Very very interesting shame you saw no Hippos or Elephants yet. You are having a great trip, thank you for sharing.

  2. hahaha love the last few anna-rina's fave shots!!

  3. Too bad you guys didn't saw any animals around.

    But I gotta say I love those "I Love you" shots! Sho' cute lah both of u! :D

  4. Bobby : Your welcome :)

    Alys : Yes that was exactly what we were thinking whilst doing the jump! was fun but tiring jugak jumping like a frog berkali kali sbb so funny bah actually our driver ndak pandai ambil so balik2 tiada kami on the picture so faham2 jah lah berapa banyak shots ambil baru ngam target dia :)) well, beggars cant be coosers i supposed :¤

    Eudora: Yeah too bad for the animals catching coz i would really love to look at hippos in action :) And as for the "I love you" shot! Memang i love you pun :)

  5. ;p

    great jump moves !!

  6. vixen : there is a few more of those but unfortunately the camera loves the background more because most of it is without us in the picture :)For me its my first Jump shot as for Ray, hmnn he mintak puji he said oh that shot thats easy kunun sebab dia sudah pernah buat so gbr dia perfect can smile lagi tuh mid air..cess