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Saturday, 13 February 2010


In the morning of the Sand Storm it was terribly hot. i saw people walking with plastics of ice on their head and when i checked the dashboard for the tempreture i was shocked when i saw it was 43°C and the air condition was really working hard to fight the heat on that day. Even as i stepped out of the car , goodness me i was quite overwhelmed by the heat and quickly did what i had to do that day and went home to a greater and bigger horse power air condition.

Anyhow..i was told this is one of the sign...and the other is strong "HOT" wind which was unsual i must say..

here is the mug shot of the tempreture outside of the car.

And look at what we have here...scary no?

Then everything turned yellow and i cannot see the sky and by this time i was calling my husband who is in a glass building to look out and he was amazed by it too BUT not SCARED like me...

i was super worried during this time a result of taking this pictures and plus sticking my head out during the sand storm i had my face sand blasted and im sufering now because of the hard brush by the sand+wind+heat = red sores on my face :( not too bad of a sore but enough to create irritational....well lesson i learn...dont stick your head out in the open during sand storm because you get sand blast on you instead !! not cool indeed!

À bientôt