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Saturday, 6 February 2010

DAY 37 - Road Trip - PART 1

Finally mon coeur and i get to runaway from our city apartment in Luanda for a bit of chillaxing particularly for our ears to Barre de Dande. It's a good 2 ~ 3 hours away from Luanda and we were very unfortunate to start a bit late in the morning leaving Luanda and was met by a long long traffic jam....It was tiring just being in tha car for that long traffic jam but my camera was busy snapping left and right and my camera was definately busy indeed.

On this part of the posting i will describe our journey up till the Crocodile area as well as the african market and on my next post will do the part 2 which is the actual Barro do Dande area :)

this is just at the outskirt of Luanda a very populated area and the bussiest and with a lot of traffic jams.

My left and right view of people of Angola

Suddenly a more familiar few ...a church that very much look like the ones in Melaka. Well this one is particularly built by the portuguese and so it look a lot like the ones in melaka also left by the Portuguese once upon a time :)

The crocodile infested river...yikes!!

Ahh..finally our first pit stop to visit the legendary crocodile himself. According to our driver the story of this crocodile is that one day it appear in this area with a bag of money on it's mouth so the people here respects the crocodile because of this story. Which im not sure of the trueness of it BUT they built this crocodile monument to tell the story of the RICH crocodile hehehe :)

The next stop was at the small African Market where i bought some local produce :)

Rich with colours

And full of life!

My favourite manga/mangoes :)

here is me trying to converse in portuguese/English and French...
ermnnn...very hard indeed ...Thank goodness our driver is around to help me bargain wt the amiga :)

And finally i bought a bucket of Potatoes and a bucket of tomatoes and a whole bunch of mangoes and and green lime :) wonderful! Oh yes..bought them baskets/panier too :) 3 of them infact :)

and and and...finally i had to request for a pit stop for i have a little resevoir and therefore i just had to do it au naturel hehehe in the bush of course :) and closeby i saw this gigantic baobarb so try and see if you can find tiny me :)

The end of PART 1 stay tune for Part 2 on my next post :)
Hope you guys enjoyed the video and pics :)

À bientôt


  1. That fruit and veg looks good ,you are having a great road trip.

  2. we really did enjoyed the whole trip :) And would love to repaeat it agian if given the chance :)

  3. Fresh fruits & veggies from the road trip? Niceee! Full of colours! :)

  4. yuppies :) It's the best way to get fresh foods out here and they are darn much more cheaper too. So was just taking the opportunity to do some groceries shopping hehehe