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Sunday, 17 August 2008

Last Weekend wind up!

Basically we had a DIY weekend starting from the friday we already set our target to get our two bathroom some tidy up with some IKEA bathroom cabinets. and so we got one tall one for the guest bathroom and 2 tiny cabinets for our own bathroom.

The saturday started of with me making the tall cabinet on my own and finally it was finished off by mon coeur heheh :))

hard at work with the new IKEA cabinets

This my part, where i use magic hems to put this cabinet curtains together total time spent on this project ermn...maybe 30mins for three cabinet curtains. The magic hem is a must need tool for anyone who doesnt like to sew or just dont know how to do it; so the solution is magic hem all you need is an iron board and iron away :)
I used hooked screws for my curtain wires and it works perfectly.

voila! finished project!

I made some vege & tuna lasagne for lunch as i didnt have much time to prepare anything fancy so made this easy dish from eggplats and some cheese and lots of vegetables. it was delish!

Then we went to TESCO since we never tried groceries shopping there so today we tried two things new groceries place which is TESCO and new pasar malam which was at TTDI aka Pasar Malam Taman Tun since its close by to one another so we went to try it out and the verdict is......

i still prefer BV = Bangsar Village and also the Bangsar Pasar Malam, So mon coeur , no i still prefer to go to bangsar to do all our groceries shopping heheh :)

To end our tiring day we had a wonderful dinner at Dave,s Kafe at 1Utama althought the food was good the wine was oklah and the apple crumble made mon coeur grumble and told the waitress next time use fresh raisins as the raisins felt like they have been kept in a cave and only now been used he said ha!ha!ha! i laughed at his remarks! anyhow the food was ok so that was fine by me ;)anyhow thats our weekend summary for the week see you guys next time ;)

over and ou!
C & R

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  1. good on you! .. I love doing DIY .. well I Love it when my dh is doing it hehehe .. hey give me the recipe for the lasagna dish .. pretty please!!! .. It looks really yummy!