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Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Mamasan Visits to KL :)

So yesterday i had the opportunity of another visit from my ex colleague from my previous work to meet up @ Sungai Wang with her family and it was wonderful fun !

We went for lunch, shopping, jalan-jalan, drink capuchino and cheeze cake and jalan some more and my eyes were just everywhere looking at them stuffs at the MEGA SALES!! gosh they were like 75% discounts everywhere and i had a look at the winter stuffs and im definately going back there to get me my winter clothings before its winter time! Its really worth it and am definately gonna take mon coeur to get his new stuffs for work.

in all that we also managed to have......

trlrphonr conversation with morientez and how everything here particularly dresses are looking very much suitable for her me and mamasan were both thinking the same thing as the dresses were all cute and only one person can fit them dresses nicely and thats morientez...cesss jelousnya! hahaha

so here are the pixies :)

Me and girly :)) our cheeks are looking just the same hik!hik!hik!

here is the lotus wrapped seafood nasi lemak i had courtesy from mamasan & family!! thank you very much for the lovely meal! it was exquisite indeed! never had anything like it! yummy!!

here is me having fun with mamasan...
we were trying out sunnies when suddenly the sales person said no photographs please... then mamasan said wah small stall also got this kind of policy meh cesss! anyhow if you guys havent had the idea of how mamasan would look like in glasses, well here goes :d
she's such a sport! heheh.. here you can see her as a mother, a Hong Kong Mob! a Superstar and a Taukeh ngiong!

Anyhooo.. mamasan thank you for the little gift :) I make sure i will wear it when i go cruising with mon coeur on the motorbike as she bought me a snice cool black coloured sling bag which is perfect for me to wear when im out on the bike with mon coeur and top of it i also bought a black gothinc top which is perfect for a night cruising with the motorbike :))

Thanks for the lovely visit mamasan & family and hope we can do it again very soon :))

va va voom!

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