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Thursday, 28 August 2008

Cathedrale Notre Dame de Paris

This is one of my favourite place the Cathedrale Notre Dame de Paris! We have some time to spare before going to Versaille and so we went to Notre Dame which was not too far away from where we at and the location map below shows where Notre Dame is and how far it is from City Centre Paris.

Location map of Cathedrale Notre Dame de Paris

The main entrance and whats on the wall...

here is the road where we parked the car and had to walk a little through small alleys which you can see selling stuffs for the tourist to feast their eyes on souvenirs and stuffs :)

The entrance of the cathedral with very pretty carvings and all...NICE!

When we went in there was Mass going on and i can see thru the fences that they were doing prayers and all, a very familiar feeling to me :) And everything look really ancient in there..heheh

some of the sights inside the Cathedrale.

here is pic of me with the pope! hehehe we close and yet far its just a picture of him hahaha :))

Then we decided to brave the sun a bit and play with the pigeons...

Some of the sights outside and closeby the cathedral...looks like autumn..but it aint autumn its summer!

Then I got hungry and so we went to this restaurant called Le Quasimodo Notre Dame where they sell yummylicious crepes...yummmmy :)

The crepes was exquisitely yummy..i had the one with the chocolate topping and mon coeur had the one with straberries....YUMMMM!!

It was a wonderful visit to the Notre Dame indeed, as i,ve always heard much about it and read and watch movie about it and finally i get to be here and it was awesome...takes my breath away and still leaves me in awe on how ancient this cathedral is. If you come to Paris Notre Dame is a must stop in your iternary. Thats for sure! ;)

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  1. Lovely place :) will definitely give the cathedral a visit if we ever decide to go to Europe .. and the crepes look really yummy!