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Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Lonely George in Paris!

How to describe my 2nd day in paris is just Fantabulous! I was left in charged of my ownself for mon coeur had to work and so he said i should be ok jalan-jalan on my own and it will give me the opportunity to observe French culture as well as improve my language no more listening through the CD on how to say French words coz its all happening LIVE and what better place to start then "Champs-Elysees".

We left Bercy at around 9am and here are the shots i took all the way from the car before reaching to our destination

Champs-Elysees is a long stretch of street where people are busy walking here and there and all looking very mysteriously beautiful in their parisien way i guess. But that morning it was kinda freezing cold for my Asian skin...Blrrrrrr moment indeed...and silly me were just wearing something like a T-shirt despite of mon coeur telling me repeatedly that its going to be a little bit colder then Kundasang...and what did i do? i just smiled at him disdainly think noway ..this is summer...well yes way it is when we stepped out of the car somewhere at the champs-elysees for a short walk before mon coeur have to go to his meeting somewhere in Paris. And thanks to mon coeur for being so very thoughtful he brought with him his fleece jacket and told me to wear it and so i was wearing it all day because why? because it was darn cold!! 19°c and thanks to my thick headedness if there is such a word hehehe...ah welll so there i was wearing the warmest fleece jacket ever hehehe :) thanks to mon chérie FM :))

So we jalan-jalan for a bit and i bought some books at the Virgin Bookstore or something i forgot and it was down 3 floors down to where they are selling ENGLISH books and this place is actually a former bank and so as part of the attraction in this place is the former bank chamber where the volt is ..its really cool now i know how money are kept safe in the bank ;)

one of these is gonna be mapsy's book :)

in this collageall pics of me taken during i was jalan-jalan by myself and the one with mon coeur is taken just before he left me on my own.
I managed to take these pictures of Arc De Triomphe as close as i can and also managed to ask one tourist who is kind enough to take a picture of me :)

here are more shots of the area and soon stomach starting to grumble and then my first test begins. How do i order for food in a country that speaks only French. so i was walking up and down the street and going into small sandwich shops and observing the prices of a sandwich it ranges from 4.50€ to 7.50€ which to me is a little too big for my asian size stomach to comprehend so i walk again and finally i made up my mind to have a go at this French version of Mc donalds i think and its called Quick. So off i went. Then i pick the most friendliest looking personnel and one started to greet me in French: Bonjour Madame...then suddenly everything went poof! everything i learn at Alliance français just went blank and i panicked and i heard from somewhere a lady said bonjour and i repeat that too and smiled then i point to the menu of what i want then came the difficult part How do i changed the type of drink from the menu and then the girl noticed my difficulties and suddenly she blurted in english... did you want anything else madame. Oh gosh § what a relieved so i finally got my QUICK food and it was pretty quick indeed :) So i sat there eating my lunch for a long time until i decided to walk the street again so off i went :)

my quick food!

i saw more shops and went to jalan-jalan @louis goodness! One handbag is equivalent to buying one kanchil car in Malaysia... shikes!! Gila kan!

Then around 3pm I didnt have any place to go already and the weather also getting colder, then just as i was about to send sms to mon coeur to come and get me, he was already there at my yback§ boy was i glad to see him :) So he took me to the other side of Champs-Elysees to have brunch at a famous hang out for malaysian students to meet up according to him and its @ this restaurant called Publicist Drugstore. Its really convenient and easily spoted and its at the corner of the street just next to the Arc De Triomphe. It was a delightful brunch we had indeed :) The ceasar salad was huge and coffee was warm and yummy :)

some spots i managed to take before mon coeur took me to a very nice spot to take pictures of the Eiffel off we go again ;)

He was definately right! It is the most strategic place to take a picture of Eiffel Tower!! :)

More closer look of the eiffel tower. I took this pictures from inside the car when mon coeur made a circle of the area. nice one huh :)

Then we went pass this place :)

And here....

And finally here :)

So much so...until the next day! stay tuned folks!!

sleepy me :o
C & R


  1. :( Punya best!! Love the pics! i'm so going there! hope my lottery strikes soon! heheh

  2. lovely pictures dear! .. wish I could go there again ... sans kids hehehe .. both of you looked so happy together :) *hugs*