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Thursday, 26 June 2008

A Meeting with the Chief!

The chief have landed and we have arrange for a short dinner meet @ The ship!

The Shio Signature Plate :)

The Chief's food = Mini Steak

little chief's food = Bked fish in creamy white mushroom sauce :)

Here is the judge's food :) Ginger Beef hainanese style :p

Here is the judge :)

here are the two bandits known as big chief and little chief! Hahahaha

Our pleasure and entertainment for the night :)

all in all it was a good visit from the big chief at my nook of the world and made me miss home even more but its ok, i will be going back to KK very soon and that very soon is actually today hehehehe! oh by the way, this is actually a later post as chief came for a visit on the 20th June so this post is actually 6 days old :o)

oklah catch you guys later!

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