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Thursday, 5 June 2008

Saturday, 24th May 2008 - Anything and everything under the sun and the moon :)

I love it when it's saturday coz it means no work and looking forward to spend quality time doing anything to everything with mon coeur and just enjoying the weekend together. I guess these are the times to cherish the time we can spend time out with each other and just be merry doing things we like doing and not wait until its too late to do them. Looks like we have a lot of travelling to do during the coming months and weeks be it domestically or internationally so we are very much looking forward to this "escapades" as we both call it and since this is our first time travelling with each other i guess theres plenty of things to look forward to :)

And so these saturday is no different from any other weekends we had so far just that we get to expereince different things , and going to different places and taste different food and all the good stuffs indeed ;)

For breakfast, mon coeur was the one who was fixing it and this is what he fixed for me :)

cute ain't it :)

This particular mug is very special to both of us coz this was my first present to mon coeur and now i have to get the other colour which is the opposite colour to this one so that we both can have it the same kind.

Yes we went to sungai buloh again but since it was raining , i cant take any pics :(
But after that we went straight to Bangsar to get our weekly supplies of groceries and fruits and vegies at the Pasar Malam Bangsar.

Right after finishing with the groceries shopping we went back home and prepare to go to our dinner date with Opus :)

Here is Opus! Mon coure was raving about the food and wine over @ Opus and he said he would take me there and was supposed to go there last week but unfortunately, to go to this place you need to make reservation as this place is always full.

Opus is situated not too far away from Bangsar as its still in Bangsar just different area. And situated at the same row of shop is where "Cava" is and also going to be our next dinner date :)

Mon coeur and his ermm.....comme ci, comme ça wine hehehe :)

and here is moi and my OK wine :)

this is my food and i think its called grilled sea bass with asparagus in white wine
which was delish! i cant explain how much i adore this food! The taste is just so out of this world. I told mon coeur that i need to get me some wine for me to experiment with some recipe that needs wine in it, so definately, cooking wine will be in my groceries next week ;)

Mon coeur had these chicken in white creame sauce with spaghetti! Also very tasty and yummy :) Bien sûr!

As for desert, Mon coeur had his eyes on the tiramisu cake on the menu and thats exactly what he got tiramisu in a glass :)

As for moi, i went to look at the cake display for dessert and fell inlove with this banana hot in a choc fudge! gosh its the yummiest dessert ever! But only thing is its way toooo big of a portion for me! the size was really humungous! But was delish! I was all chocked out for this baby! hahaha

Our wonderful evening ended with a smile on both our lips for it was a delightful evening and food was manifique and kudos to Opus for a wonderful place to dine although they can improve much much more on their wine selection :)

A bientôt!
C & R

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  1. Yum!! that seabass looks delish!! I'll go have a look see one of these days!! Maybe with KitKat! hahahaha ....