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Monday, 30 June 2008

Dinner @ Beijing Steamboat Restaurant with the Family :)

we wanted to have dinner with the whole family before mon coeur fly off back to KL and so we chose Beijing Steamboat as the venue for our dinner gathering with the family and i can only get a few snaps from my camera as the bummer thingy ran out of battery :(

Anyhow, here are the pics :)

Table # 1
L-R: Aunty Minah, Cassophia(cousin), Uncle Siven, Daddy, Reno (bro), Clare (bro's fiance)
and finally mon coeur :)

Table # 1 again...

Table # 2
L-R: Milly (sis), Dewi (cousin), Elly (cousin), mom, Daffie (cousin) & shafiq (cousin)

The tukang-tukangs ( John and milly)

seen on this picture is part of mon coeur's hand wt the choppy sticks :)

The food :)
and the item pointed by the green arrow seemed to be mon coeur's fav hehehe

L-R: Minah (aunty) , Cassophia (cousin) siven (uncle)

the food closer look at it

L-R: Mon coeur, Uncle siven, Reno (Bro) & Eilly (cousin)

Eilly facinated wt the lobster hehehe :)

The lobsters at ur service :) yummmyyyy! hehhee

Yours truly,
C & R

1 comment:

  1. :( .... so sad! wish i was there with the family too!! btw, cant get over how grown-up Elly looks!!