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Monday, 23 September 2013

Paroisse Notre Dame des Champs (Vac 2013)

Our first stop in Paris after we've settled down in our hotel  was to look at the nearby Église Notre Dame des Champs. It's kinda look like Notre dame the Paris but a smaller version at the least :)

A very beautiful side view of Église Notre Dame des Champs

 Miss M and my parents posing just outside the church :) 
Mind you it was Paris was a bit cold that morning and it was quite chilly at 18°C with the wind blowing as well...

 Miss M was all  curled up with all her doggies for some warmth :)

Quickly  we are running for some shelter from the cold wind , so off we went inside the church.

 I love the sight of big huge organs like this and almost all the churches in France have a big organ like that. Beautiful indeed  :)

Almost all churches in France have arches like that for ceiling  and all have a Gothic feel to it and it's just one of my  favorites thing about visiting churches such as these.

Miss M is just like mommy, she loves looking at the huge organ  up on the second floor and also by the tall arches on the ceiling 

So next time, you find yourself at Boulevard du Montparnasse dont forget to pay a visit to Paroisse Notre Dame des Champs, 92 Bis Boulevard du Montparnasse, 75014 Paris, France

see you guys next on my post on our visit to the  Jardin de Luxembourg, Paris

À bientôt

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