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Wednesday, 11 March 2009

madame Paquerette avec moi :)

This post is especially for cat lovers particularly "Aunty Rana" and i had a wonderful chat on the phone with her regarding cats yesterday and it was nice to hear her voice again see you soon aunty :)

Im not much of a cat person as i never owned one and i love dogs and im missing my ob-chan at the moment who is all the way back home in KK and i must say i feel a bit guilty coz this cat is slowly creeping into my heart her name is Madame Paquerette. she is the Guicheteau family's darling cat and very nice personality indeed. She's a very nice buddy for i can unerstand now why the family loves her so much she's got a way of making your sad days becomes smiley again :)

these pictures are taken from my hubby's laptop from accross the continent from me while we were doing voice conferrencing through skype and madame Paquerette wants to be just there when we were chating along and she was kissing me, touching my face asking me to caress or tickle or just talk to her and my hubby took snaps of us together.

to my darling hubby, thanks for the pictures and now i have another cherie Fm to add to my list and thats Madame Paquerette heheheh :))

Lots of love from moi!

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