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Saturday, 14 March 2009

Wonderful dinner with my parents inlaw :)

Last saturday, took my parents inlaw for a bit of an outing to the only restaurant that i know of which is at the district called Bouin, not too far away from Beauvoir indeed. The name of the restaurant is L'Ecume Gourmande its at 15, rue du Pays de Monts. its a very traditional restaurant and its speciality is of course..poisson (fish). The deco in the restaurant is a simple one too just yellow and white nothing special, but the food was special and so are my wonderful company that night. This is my second tim eating at this resturant as the first time was last year during papa's 80th birthday celebration at this restaurant. Contrary This is my first time going out on dinner with my parents inlaw, not just because knowing i speak very bad in french and also the fact that hubby is not around to help me translate or things like that. But somehow we did fine and we enjoyed our dinner very much and with plenty much curious eyes on our table coz in this part of france you dont see much of asians at all so its like an adjustment to their eyes or something...hehehe

maman was wearing her fvourite colour red that evening and papa as usual wearing his smile all the time :) btw, papa help take the picture of me and maman, not too bad at all :0) is our food selection a set dinner :)
All in all it was agreat dinner and we enjoyed the night immensely.

à bientôt!

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