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Sunday, 15 March 2009

For Amelia :)

These past few days weather in france been very good and warm sunshine almost every afternoon and sometimes the temp goes up to 15°C which is such a treat. so i went snooping around wt my camera and found this around the house, so amelia, this is especially for you :)

This is your flower Amelia the name of this flower is "Camelia" is flowering even during winter amazing indeed.

And that afternoon maman and i went for a walk and this is what i found pussy willow and maman help me pluck some to put in a vase and i was thinking about how we were thinking the sakura plant is a somewhat look like a pussy willow but all i can say is that pussy willow is not so spongy like sakura buds this one is a bit tough..ah well, anyhow this is how pussy willow looks like :)

closer look at Pussy willow again

maman's orchid which was blooming at the moment, kinda reminds me of my moms flower back home

Probably because its winter the orchid somewhat look like it doesnt have enough colour but its beautiful still.

see those white spots on the grass those are paraquettes, and they are every where in the lawn

Another shot of the driveway with flowers on the side getting ready for spring :)


Red Camelia


not sure what these are called but i like them hehehe

these are actually cactus like plants

maman found this on the ground and called me coz she knows i'd be facinated and it was not easy to take pictures of this caterpillar for its moving lots..maman tried to stop it using a small twig but no chance its just like a bump for the many legs it has just went up the twig like nothing hehehe

Papa did this a few days back to prepare for the coming spring but even now you can see that its already started to grow some blooms

a little leaf bug


a japonais plant

some salade leaf
a bunch of them in the jardin

then this beautiful flower they are actually as small as the parquette and they are everywhere too

and finally this one which i dont know what it is hehehe

Ah well hope you enjoyed this one too amelia!



  1. Hello this is Bee Ean from Nantes. Oh so you are living in Beauvoir, we are not too far from each other than.

    Oh yeah I love spring too. I love seeing flowers flourishing every where. It is such a contrary to the deadly winter.

  2. Hi Bee Ean, I was in Nantes today for a picnic at La Montagne at my brother in law's botanique nursery :) and yes we are not too far away indeed :)

    yes the winter in beauvoir is not too bad its quite mild compared to paris a few degrees difference but a few degrees is enough difference to our asian skin i think heheheh :)