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Saturday, 9 January 2010

DAY 8 - Looking out of the window...

Like i was saying yesterday about starting on a my very own "JUKI" project, well i did just that, it's just nothing yet but but soon something will come out of it hehehhe

SO i was busy doing my sewing when suddenly i look out of the balcony window which i dont usually do because it's so dusty outside and so not much to do with that ever so dusty balcony coz our apartment is right by the most busiest street in Luanda. Anyhow i thought i'd share this picture with all of you and maybe tomorrow i will be brave enough to venture outside to show more of our view from the apartment here.

Thats the construction area thats been contributing losts of dust to these area. Hope they will complete the construction soon, the dust is really horrible here :'

on the green side of things :) My hubby the Aero Garden Farmer is ready to report on his greens progress after 1 week and there is 2 weeks more to go for the salads to reach maturity.
And now they are starting to form their salad leafs with pointing ends and its about 6 ~ 7 cm tall and growing rapidly t seems.

at 1 week old

À bientôt

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