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Thursday, 7 January 2010

DAY 7 - Musings... is very strange indeed, woke ups suddenly wanting to do everything and in fact doing nothing! bleh! Then suddenly i got thinking about my "JUKI" i hauled it all the way from France and now its sitting in the closet all by itself in the dark not doing anything. So i told hubby today is the day im going to crank up my "JUKI" and need the folding picnic table which is in the car so, right after lunch thought i would give it a go..but...what am i going to sew?? This is when i need my best buddy Zura to help^me out in this department hehehe. Since highschool, during when we took "SAINS RUMAHTANGGA" she was always the champions of the champions! As for me... blek! my sewing was really bad and i didnt have the patience of a monk to do any sewing but Zura was always there to help me out in any predicament that i have with the subject of sewing. I remembered when we were doing "baju kurung modern" i had so much problem with the sleeves which have a slight pleats on it and of course Zura came to the rescue and made it all fine again :) hehehe....and now... she have her own sewing blog which i adore so much coz i cant imagine doing what she does its just pure talent i must say. And so she is also the woman behind the works of my lovely flower girl dresses during when i got married last year and its just manifique!! If you want to check her blog out here is Sew Cute

Ok back to my musing so i have my "JUKI" here with me just need to find out what am i going to sew i have a few cotton materials i got from my last visit back to Malaysia so at least i have something to create something. Ah well, i will look in the net for some simple ultra ultra simple project for me to do...i will update later on this project of mine ok :)

And by the way, here is Day 8 of our greens :)

À bientôt

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