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Daisypath Happy Birthday tickers
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Saturday, 30 January 2010

DAY 29 - Happy birthday wish to my dear friend :)

Dolly & me

Today is my old time buddy Dolly's Birthday and i remembered when we were in our teens i used to received presents and cards from her on my birthday and she even drove his parents car to go and visit me at my home on my birthday and gave me my present and card...those were the days and even now when we are at our prime "young" age we still remember each other as always particularly on this day which happens to be Dolly's birthday :)

So, from far i still managed to steal a few moments with my buddy and wish her Happy Birthday on the phone which is a blast, coz i rarely got the chance to do so but this time is just that!

Happy birthday my dearest darling Dolly and many happy returns to you and hope you had a wonderful and blessed day on your special day with your loved ones!

Hugs and kisses from me until we see each other soon in KK!

À bientôt

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