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Wednesday, 13 January 2010

DAY 12 - On the road with my SE G900

Good morning from Luanda!

Today i have to go about 30 minutes away from our apartment to do my weekly groceries shopping. Normally i would just go to Jumbo which is Luanda's biggest supermarket BUT it's been two weeks since we didnt have any supply of salads there so i decided to try else where and that is SHOPRITE. the only problem is, the road going there is no so good for it is currently under construction and it's traffic jam everywhere in this place.I was thinking ah, maybe if we left early then i will finish early too and beat the jam BUT unfortunately there is no escaping the " big mess" i was referring to and on our way back we wer stuck on the road for almost 2 hours! Goodness Grief!! But anyway, to pass my time inside the car i started to play around with my phone camera and so, here is the series of photos i took using my SE G900

Anyone wants to chnage their car seat?

Sunnies anyone?

Look at the traffic jam way aheaddd :O

kids at the side of the road being built

Bubble gum anyone?

Selling sofa by the road side

This rocker scooter just went by our front without any singnal whatsoever. Very dangerous move indeed but it's how it is here, if you have a fragile heart, better just close your eyes for the whole journey hehehe

This guy is super brave i think, he stands right in the middle of the road selling stuffs and so cars had to accommodate him but the problem is there is no space!!

Another super brave guy!

selling furniture by the busy road side.
another view of th sofa kingdom!

Balancing act

Need any Tyre change anyone?

Another balancing woman

CD Man!

Razor man also belonging to the super braves before this

Nic one this one! I really admire the women here, they really work hard

Toys for sale

Thos floor brushed is not at the back of the blue lorry but instead on the shoulder of a man trying to seel them in the middle of the jam

More balancing act!

Oh this guy is so funny, he nearly rammed himself and his ingenious invention of a cart/wheelbarrow but instead of the car person scowling at him, it was him who was not nice to the driver

this one is probably the juara of juara nih :))

sellers on the run because maye ther is police somewhre...

off they go!

and finally i saw this on the dashboard! my goodness, panasnya!

À bientôt


  1. Luanda look very much different from our country. Can't imagine myself living in a much hotter place than Malaysia. But I admire how the people balance the things on their head though! Heehe :D

  2. Hi Eudora! Guess what? my driver told me that the guys dont balance the things on their head like that because they dont have the same balancing skills like the women do so i dont ever see any man doing it here. And yes, the women here are strong and hard working and it seems that they have a hard life but i guess it's their way of life.

    As for being hot ....YES its hot here!! :)keringgggg kulit...ciann hehehe