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Tuesday, 12 January 2010

DAY 11 - Surprise Morning skype call from Mom & Dinan :)

I had a wonderful 1 hour and a half chat with mom and my tiny nephew Ferdinand. It's wonderful this invention with skype where people from all over the world seems to be just a heartbeat away... I'm so happy that i can keep in contact with everyone back in Sabah and in France. Nothing can describe the feeling of talking to someone dear to us, friends and family and seeing them right on our screen. It's not the real thing but it's the next best thing to being there in person and this is one of the gretest invention ever for me.

Imagine, i can have our daily 5.00 oclock coffee break with my parents inlaw back in Kg. Beauvoir and sipping our cuppa together , talking like we always do with the only thing different is that i'm in Angola and they are back in France. Amazing indeed!

Since i have set up the same system back in my other Kg in Sabah, my mom is calling me everyday and it's like i have never left kk at all hehehe..this is the greatest feeling for me to be elsewhere but yet feeling that i'm talking to my mom back home in KK and seeing each other on our laptop's monitor is another plus! I can see my nephew Ferdinand walk LIVE for the first time for when i left KK last Dec he was not walking YET and now he runs and walk like speedy Gonzales so cuteee and talking to me stimultaneously is just incredible.

last year's christmas of 2009 was more special then any other christmas i had coz i'm able to be part of the christmas party in Kg beauvoir in France and in KK just because we have skype on and both family is able to exchange greetings and wishes and experiencing different chirstmas culture celebration in each place. Was so wonderful to be able to see and wish my family happy birthday and merry christmas Live on skype was just out of this world kinda feeling.

I leave you guys with this photo i took from my laptop while chating on skype witm my mom & Ferdinand

Mom & Dinan

À bientôt

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