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Monday, 4 January 2010

DAY 3 - Our 3 in 1 Cadeau :)

During the recent Noel celebration, mon coeur and i took the opportunity to have it a 3 in one celebration all in one gift. Why a 3 in 1 gift? Well thats because my birthday was in November and mon coeurs birthday was in December and so is Noel and our wedding anniversary, so we decided to have everything in one go which is a good idea coz saves time from going around hunting for each and occasion hehehe :)

The gift i got for him was so big that i gave up on giving it a proper wrapping paper so i creatively decorated the blank paper with some trendy pen's and make my creative way with them and voila! one funny wrapped present for mon coeur :) As for my present from Mon coeur, well since he was away in Angola and me in France so he bought something through the Net for me which is a great idea hehehe :)

We are both are kinda crazy about gadget stuffs particularly digital and electronic stuffs and i can only blame our dear friend Philippe@petitcake for this interest for we really dig on electronics and digital stuffs thats for sure. Phillipeeeeee! it's all your fault!! hehhehe :)

My gift for mon coeur is an Aero Garden, which he dots about everyday for it's one of the best thing we ever had for in Angola where we are now it's difficult to plant anything so this is our grand solution supposedly until proven a success that is

And this is another gadget gift from mon coeur to me a digital recipe microportable, where you can connect through a wifi and get all the recipe on the net and it also works as a timer, a meteo reader and and and an internet radio!!! So now i can listen to my Cherié FM anywhere in the world :) Awesome! top of it, it also works as a digital photo frame where you can slot in your SD card full of pics and load it on this microportable view them on a photo slide! nice features indeed on a plus it's a touchscreen :) Overall....merci beaucoup mon coeur!! beaucoup, beaucoup bisous pour toi :) He sure do knows how to make me smile from ear to ear heheheh :)

Here is the the whole set up mon coeur's Aero Garden. The system works really simple just put water and put in place the seed pods on its appropriate places and switch it on and the lights and water automaticly switch itself to work. And aslo add in it's nutrient tablets to the water every two weeks. It's written on the seed pod that sprouts will appear in 1-3 days and truth behold we see sprouts exactly 3 days :)

Check out the pics below for approximately 5 days of switching the aero garden on and we are expecting to harvest our salad greens in 3 weeks :) We will take pictures as it advances to it's full growth of 3 weeks and according to the users manual we can continue our harvesting for our salad up to 4 months :)) If it does what it does then this thing really solves our problem of having to throw away rotten salads in the fridge because with this system we only need to take/harvest what we needed . I'm excited and so is mon coeur to see the end results of these endeveours :)
Stay tuned people!!

Day 1- No sprouts

Day 2 - Can see something lurking about but not much

Day 3 - Wow!! it's really sprouting!!

Day 4 - Already can see the shapes of a green healthy leaves :)

Day 5 - Yipeeee!! i see green :))

Hmnnn... look at this one happy digital farmer :) busy writing notes on the progress of his baby salads in their pods :) Oh btw, the Aero Garden also works as a Desk lamp! hahahaha just kidding :))

well, i guess that wraps up my post for the day :)

À bientôt

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