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Monday, 11 January 2010

DAY 10 - Mundane Sunday...

Today, i think the whole of Luanda is celebrating i guess for today is the begining of the ANC soccer and it seemed like the road circulation at the moment is silent. Which is good for my ears suffered a lot last night from the whole town salsa-ing till the wee hours of the morning with loud, i mean really loud music. But for today it's all calm and tranquility! Nice!

yesterday i managed to play around with our tiny canon video camera and decided tocheck out the picture quality so here is what i got :)

And here is madame balancer :) Bet you guys can't do what she is doing :) awesome agility!
The side view

The building around from where our balcony is

i leave you guys with this picture of sunset in the heart of Luanda!

À bientôt

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