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Saturday, 2 January 2010

DAY 1 - Bonne année! & Happy New year 2010!!

Wow can't believe it's already the first day of a brand new year! Where did 2009 go? All i can say it went by to fast and too quick that i feel that things are passing by me too quickly for me to grasp. There were plenty of happy moments, wonderful trips, wonderful journeys and tears and laughters, sadness and sorrows, the ups and the downs BUT mostly it's about living. It's not a life if we didn't go through all this in our daily happenings.

But still, new year it is and of course with a new resolution for this year and one of it would be i would like to keep my Blog 100% active this year by bringing myself the challenge of 365 days of posting and starting from today actually :) It's a tall order but i want to prove something to myself that i can do this and so i will! :))

Next, I hope health wise everyone will have a wonderful healthy life this year around. I hope and pray to god that my mom will be stronger to face what she is going to face this year it is going to be a challenge for her and the family but in my heart i know she will beat this and be the strong person that she is. So this year my blog post is dedicated especially to my mom for she is always close in my heart and we love her dearly and we as family will always unite to help each other in times of weakness and defeat and stay hopeful that things will be more brighter in the days to come. Amen to that!

Finally, I'm just hopeful that this year is going to be a smooth, smooth year with lots of calmness and minus all the stresses in life and to that we will come out as healthy and having and creating beautiful moments with our loved ones near or far.

to that i wish all my readers, friends and family happy new year and may god bless all of you!

Goodbye 2009!

And....Hello 2010!

Take care everyone!

À bientôt

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