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Wednesday, 20 January 2010

DAY 19 - almost there...

Hello everyone!

Finally, i'm feeling much much better then i was a couple of days back as i was not in good health then. But anyhow, just want to tell you guys that i went through hell with not just one thing that is not right with me but it's kinda like a chain reaction so one goes forward the rest follows.

It all started on Saturday morning. waking up at 5am, went dashing to the toilet do some business, then some more then again, and again and i was very tempted to sleep in the toilet for i spent a bunch of time in there that morning...then finally i found myself sleeping on the couch with an emptied stomach which is now spasm with pain and with cold sweats, and straight away i was thinking Not again!!! because last year i had the same problem and it was caused by the water here in Angola.

So it was like that the whole day and oh yes i forgot to mentioned, vomiting too. So between diarrhea and vomiting, surely another thing is about to happen and that's Gastric. It's just have to join in the bandwagon too. So there i was in tears, just frustrated with my sickly situation and had to depend on paracetamol to kill some pain. Took everything that i knew of that would help but nothing works and the icing of the cake, fever just had to share the fun with the rest of them nasty germies.

after suffering a whole day of all the vormiting, diarrhea, gastrics and fever finally i told my hubby to go get the same medication as i had before from the company's doctor coz what we had in our supply of medications simply just werent working for me. So hubby left, and and and he came back not just with the medication but with the doctor himself, Dr Igor.

Here is the Russian doctor that made me to believe water is the best medicine i need when actually it's the water that got me sick in the first place!

Because i'm not so fond of drinking, he made it even worst by making water, litres and litres of it as the utmost priority to get me well again. I was not buying it at all. I told him i need antibiotics, i need some fever tablets and all sorts of things to stop this problem im having but he said no no no just drink 1 litre of special salted water and another 1 litre bottled water, and when you finished those bottles repeat again.i was not smiling then i was annoyed! then he gave me just 4 tablets of antibiotics to eat twice a day and paracetamol when i have fever only. Then he went on to instruct me to write everything in paper of how much my tempreture evert 3 hours and how much water i drank etc etc. Then he wrote on a piece of paper to call him every 3 hours !! hellooo??? i have never encounter anything like this.
It was indeed difficult! Being an impatient person that i am i want to see quick results and after half day of drinking myself to oblivioni was still having high fever and diarrhea and i began to panicked and YES i called the doctor AGAIN, but now to do a malaria test on me just to make sure because my fever is constantly high. So jolly good he came again with my husband, at this point hubby was shutting his mouth because he knows i'm going to burst with anger any moment no matter what anyone says i am right! hahahaha!

Oklah...i was wrong.....

He did made the Malaria test and it was negative and guess what?? i did get well the next day just by drinking water and special salted water which i so adamantly saying it's not working. hehehehe

So me and Dr Igor are friends now :) He said being the "Dragon woman" that i was when i was sick i can become his assistant at work and order sick people around for him hahahah!
But he is a nice Doctor indeed , it was i that is a monster! i get that way when i'm sick for i can't stand being sick and want to get rid of what got me quickly and when i'm told slowly slowly slowly you will get back well again just busted my patience bubble! :)
He is a big russian, but he sure does speak ever so gentle and of course got me rilled up again hahahaha! My husband was having a grand time watching me getting worked up from the incredible NICE doctor Dr Igor! Maybe i was expecting him to be dr Igor from the frankenstein movie hehehe Ah well beggars can't be choosers i guess and the main thing is i got well! It was a nightmare and i know my dearest darling husband suffered very much too but at least he's got his sunshine back again :)
Merci beaucoup mon coeur for being so patience with me and taking charge of the whole house and i know the biggest task of all was making sure "petit yeux" is doing alright :)
je t'aime très fort mon coeur!!

And as for Dr Igor, thank you very much also for teaching me to be a patience patient! Obrigada! And i hope to not have this kind of sickness again in the future i pray to god things would be more calmer, healthier and beautiful here!
Thank god, and may God bless us all always!

À bientôt

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