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Sunday, 24 January 2010

DAY 23 - 1st Dinner Outing in Luanda for 2010

Tonight is our first time going out for dinner in Luanda for 2010. Mon coeur decided to take me to Ilha de Luanda in a place called Playa de Coconut. It was nice outing and just chill out in the open space by the beach while having our dinner and some live band playing in the background.

It was a good 30 minutes journey from Luanda City to go to Ilha de Luanda and since we left early there were no traffic jam, another plus :)

Here is the business card of the Establishment we went to :)

Happy as can be, on our way to have our dinner :)

I just got to take this picture, it's a must!

And this one too :)

And the playa...all the way to Coconut

Wind surfing, reminds me of Beauvoir :)

Our opening drink, Cocktail de Fruitas which was delish!

Sun setting :)

Mon coeur's food was called, "Lombos Cherne com banana and fruitas de marakuja".
Translation in English simply, Fish with banana and passion fruit fusion.

As for me, i was dying to have some prawns so i ordered this dish called "Caril Gambas"
Which translated to English, just means, Curry Prawns with white rice.
Yummylicious indeed, enough to satisfy my Indian tongue :))

And as for dessert we had "Mousse Maracuja" or in English simply Passion Fruit Mousse.

We had vin blanc that night because both of us were having seafood and mon coeur chose an italian vin which is "Terre dei Grifi"

And finally, our picture together to remember this night @ playa de Coconut.

And finally the bill....It sure marks Luanda as the No.1 most expensive country in the world for this kind of dining bill. Ah i say before, beggars can't be choosers i supposed....

Happy weekend and happy week ahead everyone!

À bientôt


  1. mahal...can kenduri satu kampung tu!

  2. so expensive....can kenduri satu kampung tu!

  3. Now you know why kami jarang2 mau keluar utk bermakan2 sebab soooo damn expensive and the food is splendid but service...ahemmm...ahemmm....lidut adalah.

  4. Yalah punya expensive gila! But they sure like having lots of fruits on their menu oh kan? Heehe ;)

  5. yes it's really expensive here the food is ok...and about the fruit thngy yeah banyak fruits in the food here and who would have thought a maracuja is a passion fruit, i'm thinking its a harsh name for a fruit that has passion spelt on it hehehe :)

  6. its lunch time here...and u knw i dont eat udang...but the curry makes me feel sooo lappparr nih!!

  7. Well Lys, you know me anything that reads "Curry" on it is surely have my name on it heheheh the curry is nice but nasib baik the prawn have no kulit sedia if got terus aku malas mau eat tuh...sebab my tukang buka kulit si Milly is not around hehehe.