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Friday, 28 September 2012

Sketchy sketches :)

I was browsing one day when I came across with this blog, Sally's Portraits. I was so hooked looking at all her beautiful portraits that I was wishing that I could sketch just like that too but unfortunately, I really do not have any of that sort of talent in my bone. I can't draw, and more so paint? bluek...

so I got an idea of my own since I can't draw, paint, nor sketch so I seek the help of a computer software to help me realise my dream hahahahaah...I know it's cheating but heck it works :))

Here are some of my transformed photos :)

mummy & bebe

My favourite of them all :)

my model :)

my model having a laugh with all her friends :))

I'm so loving this at the moment would probably post some more pics and perhaps next time on colours :)

Happy weekend all :) À bientôt

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