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Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Petite Zen Garden :)

Last April when we went back to France for our spring break, I bought this thing called Nature Sun Aroms  its an aroma diffuser. I bought it and didnt even use it. So today got some aroma therapy oils and the current one that I'm loving is the Lemongrass Therapy Oils and put a few drops inside this tiny deffuser and add a little water and off it goes. I must say it's quite a relaxing thing keeps your senses alert and makes your mind relax and think of happy thoughts all day. I'm loving this Aroma therapy thingy :)

The other good thing about this tiny wonder is also that it works just by plugging it on a USB socket and voila! et il fonctionne parfaitement! (and it works perfectly)

Happy thoughts all week everyone! :))

À bientôt

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