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Friday, 7 September 2012

Here's a reason to be jolly :)

 Here's a reason to be jolly tra la la la la la  la la la :)
 Our baby turned 1 year old 3 months ago and I didnt get to blog about it coz we were busy flying back to KK and off for our 3 month long vacation in the sun.
Anyways no matter where we celebrate her birthday it was a blast!

Here's recalling back the 12months of pure bliss and Love for this little baby have grown from a tiny wee baby to a jolly bumble bee at 12 months old.

Still couldn't believe this picture was taken a year ago when Miss M was just a tiny bumble of joy...gosh, where did the time go....

And look at her now all bubbly and already a toddler ....
The first celebration was held at our own home on the 14th of June with just the three of us as we wanted to graps the happiness of our daughter turning one and wanted it to be a special one for us.
mummy and daddy can't help but shed some tears that day, surely tears of happiness for god gave us the most precious gift and this precious gift is all ours to keep. :))One year old already, our little miss sunshine, our little clown and our little bundle of Joy is all a blessing to us and she is a very much our happiness in so many ways.

The next birthday celebration for Miss M, daddy decided to have another treat atthe Pullman Hotel where we stayed the weekend there just enjoying the home away to celebrate Fathers Day and also our baby's birthday. This deserves a post of its own and later will elaborate more on this special day.

And finally....2 months later the celebration is still very much a celebration hehehe. We took the oportunity to have a birthday cake for Maeva just to celebrate with family and friends back in KK and so another candle blowing moment once again and this time Miss M have the help from her other three cousins and it was a great occasion and everyone get to enjoy Hari Raya at the same time what more can we ask for :)

And here's the collage that I've made of my baby on every 14th of the month right until her One year old birthday. I am so glad I stuck to the notion of taking pics of her on each month or else I wouldnt be able to make this collage of her.

All I can say is that I cant thank god enough for this special gift of life that he bestowed to us and what joy and happiness it has brought to us having this little bundle of joy from the day we laid our eyes on her until now and forever more it has all been a wonderful sweetness and every bit of a beautiful life with this little one. We hope that she will grow up to be a good person and serve god in all ways that she can in her life with lots of love and tenderness and charm.
Thank you Lord for this wonderful gift call Maeva and
to our baby Happy birthday mon chérie!

Des gros Bisous,

À bientôt

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