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Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Developmental milestone: Talking

Baby talk is a big thing for a baby.We might not know what is going on in their little brain and how far it is stretching to accomodate all the new things that they are learning everyday, but somehow, when a baby talks it does means they are starting to understand what others (adults) are saying to them.

My daughter have the priveledge of growing up knowing that she have 2 other sidekicks that are equal to her and that is her cousins back in KK whom are the same age with her just about one month apart from each other. When we went back for summer break 2 months back I can see a lot of speech developments with the other two cousins but Miss M is still babbling and nothing coming out of her mouth except that she's humming   songs and  thats about it.

I was a bit worried until I read this bit of info from :-
13 to 18 months
Now your child is using one or more words, and he/she knows what they mean. He'll even practice inflection, raising his tone when asking a question, saying "Up-py?" when he wants to be carried, for example. He's realizing the importance of language as he taps into the power of communicating his needs.

19 to 24 months
Though he/she probably says about 50 to 70 words now, your child may understand as many as 200 words, many of which are nouns. Between 18 and 20 months, he'll learn words at the rate of 10 or more a day (so watch your language!). He'll even string two words together, making basic sentences such as "Carry me." 

Phew! lega sikit terbaca this article. Anyhow, it's not that she doesnt talk she does but actually she babbles a lot just not forming any words just yet.

  •  When making funny faces is her job at the moment:)
and spending time playing with her doggy stuffed toy (Doudou Peluche Chiens) is one of her favourite things to do and she babbles with the Peluche as well :)


her first word is "momom" which means simply I'm hungry in malay (J'ai faim)!
I was so so so so happy to hear this word it sounded like bells over at my ears,
This means it's the begining of her muttering some words and soon I hope she will learn to say more words! 
Je t'aime mon petite coeur!!  

It's been a few weeks since this post was intended to be posted  and I am happy to report that she has now able to say "Oui" and "non"as in yes and no in french and one malay word which is "momom". This is definately going to be added to my small notes on her speech development progress and certainly it is going good now :)

À bientôt