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Sunday, 30 September 2012

Missing our Daddy Mumut :(

Usually it was baby and me who went off for weeks and it doesn't really bother Miss M that much coz going back to KK there's plenty of stuff to do AND top of it all she is constantly preoccupied with her cousins being the same age as she and so the adventure never ends.  

On the other hand, when we are back in Dubai, it seems like her days seemed longer and always wanting to go out  and play. But it is not so easy coz the heat here is still too warm for a baby and 20 minutes outside in the park is enough to get her nappy rash already. Usually the highlight of her day would be the daddy coming home from work in the evening and they would play together, read together and sometime hubby took her down to the shops and they just enjoy the evening walk about. 

Anyhow...Hubby is away for a good 2 weeks+  this month and poor little Miss M is finding it difficult that Daddy is not around  to do all that fun stuffs with her in a while and even when mommy is there to take daddy's place she is still missing a smile when evening comes. 

The first few days was horrible, especially during the night when it's time to go to bed. Usually daddy will get her to take her bath and mummy will dress her for bed and everything is fine BUT not when daddy is not around. She tossed and turned for a long while then crying and keep looking at the door waiting for the daddy to say  bonjour mon coeur...and when it didnt happened she cried...and oh boy did she cried buckets!

Then I remembered my mom telling me before that each time that baby and I are going away for a long time away from hubby get one of his shirt and just place it next to her when she is about to go to bed and see if it works. And I was thinking maybe daddy's pillow will work too and yup! It works like magic. She's been sleeping on her daddy's pillow for the past week now and no more cries. 

The crying are gone now  but she is still missing her daddy. Everyday, hubby skypes with us morning and evening somehow it helps to calm her down BUT each time daddy says a demain mon coeur ( see you tomorrow morning my heart) she starts to cry. And it's like that ever since hubby went outstation.

It hurts to see her crying each time the daddy say goodbye on skype but at least she gets a glimpse of her daddy just for a bit and it's funny how she kept going to the back of the laptop monitor just to see if Daddy is at the back of it.  Poor Miss M thinking daddy is playing peek-a-boo with her from the other side.

But "Daddy Mumut" on the otherside of the world too is missing his two hearts back in Dubai  and can't wait to get back to Dubai to be reunited again with his deux petite coeur :)

I took the opportunity to take some pics today by the window where there is plenty of lights and also Miss M's favourite place to be and just snap and snap and snap Hubby loves it when we send him photos of us goofing around or just photo of the day  and so this post is especially dedicated to our "Daddy Mumut" It's just something created out of spur and so voila!

Today, Miss M was a little bit moody and mummy tried to cheer her up by letting her play with the small camera and finally  she took a lot of pics by herself and so far this one is my favourite! :) 

Have a grand weekend everyone and to our beloved "Daddy Mumut" 
Tu me manque et Je t'aime!
Des gros Bisous,
Mummy and Baby Mumut :)

À bientôt


  1. ya..betul mom tell me the same, masa sy kicik, my dad went to kursus something, tpksa kasi tinggal baju yang tidak di cuci, bikin selimut..

  2. @Lina
    Ya tu lah tuh, I forgot bah that day I went to cuci all his baju before he left so cannot use lah the baju yg sudah kena pakai so finally ada jugak idea bergeliga aku dtg nah sa pakai lah tuh pillow coz itu jah yg ada smell daddy dia kan. Sekarang bed sheet semua sudah wash and ganti EXCEPT for that pillow case hehehe. Tapi tiapa, tinggal a few more days lg sebelum daddy dia balik sudah , happy lah si kecik balik :) Thanks for dropping by Lina :)